Connected Patient Committee

The HIMSS North America Annual Call for Committee Volunteers is open January 18 – March 14, 2016

By applying to be a committee volunteer, you can play an instrumental part in the transformation and advancement of Health IT. Committee volunteers help to execute the strategic initiatives of HIMSS, while benefitting from professional development opportunities.

To learn more about how you can contribute to one of our committees please contact Carrie Subelsky. Leaders who have maintained active membership for at least the past 12 consecutive months and are not currently serving in another leadership position are highly encouraged to submit an application and make an impact today!

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Committee Purpose

The Connected Patient Committee will equip the sector with the tools needed to make informed decisions of when and how to connect with patients. Its scope includes providers, public health, payers, and life sciences, and the Committee will support the development of tools and resources needed to equip them with materials they need to get credible information to patients.

We will accomplish this through the development of:

  • Educational opportunities
  • The tools and resources needed to improve the quality, cost-effectiveness, efficiency, patient-centeredness, safety and access to healthcare through patient-facing health IT
  • Member and non-member opportunities for involvement in and education on the importance of, and processes for, e-engagement with patients

Areas of focus in FY16 include:

  • Develop thought leadership on e-connecting providers and provider organizations with patients and families.
  • Develop best practices and lessons learned on social media, personal health record (PHR) and portal adoption and use.
  • Address best practices for privacy and security policies, procedures and practices for data holders.
  • Monitor and reporting on emerging and disruptive technologies in connecting providers to patients.
  • Develop use cases on the ROI of health technology implementations.
  • Develop use cases on how HIEs can enable and support e-connecting with patients.
  • Monitor and report on the role of standards development in supporting health technology solutions to integrate EHR and Personal Health Information.
  • Monitor and engage government agencies and industry associations related to e-connecting providers and patients.

Connected Patient FY16 Committee

Jonathan Wald


Jonathan S Wald, MD
Director, Patient-Centered Technologies
RTI International

HIMSS Members in Action: Dr. Jonathan Wald

Jan K Oldenburg

Vice Chair

Jan K Oldenburg
Senior Manager, Advisory
Ernst & Young LLP

Committee Members

Christina Caraballo, MBA

Christina Caraballo, MBA
Healthcare Strategist
Get Real Health

Judy Derman

Judy Derman
Director, Member Engagement
Kaiser Permanente

Sarah Hoffe

Sarah Hoffe, MD
Moffitt Cancer Center

Mark Johnson

Mark H. Johnson, MHA, RN-BC, CPHIMS
Senior Director
latric Systems

Kenneth Kleinberg

Kenneth Kleinberg
Managing Director
The Advisory Board Company

Ramona Nelson

Ramona Nelson, RN, PhD, FAAN
Ramona Nelson Consulting

Kathy Ann Nieder

Kathy Ann Nieder, MD
Physician Champion
Baptist Healthcare System - Baptist Medical Assoc.

Brad Sitler

Brad Sitler
Principal Industry Consultant
SAS Institute

Daniel van Leeuwen, MPH, RN, COHQ

Daniel van Leeuwen, MPH, RN, COHQ
VP, Quality Management
Advocates, Inc.

Deborah Wells, MS, CPHIMS

Deborah Wells, MS, CPHIMS
Sr. Strategy Consultant
Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

HIMSS Connected Patient Community and Task Forces

Connected Patient Community and Task Forces meet via WebEx on a monthly basis.  Membership is open to all current HIMSS members.  Please contact John Sharp, Senior Manager, Consumer Health IT, for more information.

Provider and Patient Engagement Social Media Task Force

Task force members create resources (e.g., blogs) and online discussions (e.g., Twitter, LinkedIn) to promote the value and application of social media use and patient engagement in healthcare settings/environments.

Areas of Focus:

  • Best practices in the use social media to enhance patient engagement
  • Use cases that demonstrate the value of social media in engaging patients
  • New social media technologies
  • Policy trends which impact social media use in health care
  • New uses of social media in health care
Jon Mertz

Jon Mertz
Vice President of Marketing
Corepoint Health

Value of Provider-Patient Engagement Task Force

Help create resources and online discussions to promote the value and application of provider-patient engagement in healthcare settings/environments. Task force members build tools, resources and provide industry leadership while focusing on the four "pillars" of successful provider-patient engagement:

  • Health management
  • Social and behavioral health
  • Home health
  • Financial health.

Areas of Focus

  • Best practices in the determining the value of patient engagement tools
  • Use cases that demonstrate the value of patient engagement technologies
  • New technologies for patient engagement
  • Policy trends which impact patient engagement value
  • Recommend case studies to be included in the HIMSS Value Suite/Steps
Stephen Earle

Stephen Earle, FHIMSS, CPHIMS, PMP
Project Manager
Care New England

Patient Literacy and Health IT Work Group

Task force members evaluate the impact of low literacy on patient education and eConnecting with patients. The task force with look at both reading literacy, primary and secondary languages and familiarity with using IT tools to engage.

Areas of Focus

  • Best practices in the determining the impact of low literacy on eConnecting
  • Use cases that demonstrate the value of evaluating literacy in patient populations
  • New technologies for patient engagement in the context of literacy issues
  • Policy trends which impact reaching patients with low literacy
  • Collaborate with the federal and state governments and non-profit groups which are addressing patient literacy

Patient Engagement-Centered Care Teams Task Force

Apply the principles of patient engagement technology to new practice models including Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) and Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs). This task force focuses on how to utilize health IT to enhance the patient engagement through a patient-centered care team (PCCT) approach.

Task Force members create tools and resources to promote quality, cost-effectiveness, efficiency, patient-centeredness, safety and access to healthcare through patient-facing health IT.

Areas of Focus

  • Promote best practices in the use of patient engagement tools in patient-centered team practice
  • The value of patient engagement
  • New technologies
  • Policy trends
  • New care models and patient engagement on value-based payments
David Rowe

David Rowe, MBA
Senior Vice President of Marketing & Business Development

Patient-Generated Health Data

Do you think patient-generated health data is important? Do you want to promote
and support the value of provider-patient engagement?

The HIMSS Patient-Generated Health Data Task Force educates members and the industry on how health IT can support effective health management with patient-generated data by individuals, for caregivers and health care teams. The group develops resources and tools (e.g., blogs, ask the expert) for the industry and hosts online discussions.

Areas of Focus

  • Meaningful Use
  • Remote Monitoring Devices
  • Questionnaires
  • Data from mobile devices and apps
  • Best practices of healthcare organizations managing PGHD
Brad Tritle

Brad Tritle, CIPP
Director of Business Development
Vitaphone USA

Connected Patient Community

Join our monthly virtual presentations by the field’s top experts!

Topics may include:

  • Emerging patient engagement technologies
  • Implementing patient engagement strategies
  • Promoting the “four pillars” of patient health:
    • Health Management
    • Behavioral & Social Health
    • Home Health Technologies
    • Financial Health
  • Case studies/best practices
  • Social media
  • The value of provider-patient engagement
Mark Johnson


Mark H. Johnson, MHA, RN-BC, CPHIMS
Senior Director
latric Systems

Deborah Wells, MS, CPHIMS


Deborah Wells, MS, CPHIMS
Sr. Strategy Consultant
Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

Affiliated Groups:

HIMSS Patient and Family Caregiver Advisory Council

The Council represents patients, caregivers and families and advises the Connected Patient Committee, The Center for Patient and Family-Centered Care, and Connected Patient Community on the development of their tools and resources.  The advisory council is focused on representing these voices to improve health through health IT. Participation is by invitation-only. Learn more...


To learn more about the Connected Patient Committee, contact Mary Griskewicz, Senior Director of Health Information Systems,