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HIMSS Pledges Support at White House Precision Medicine Summit

February 25, 2016

This morning at the White House Precision Medicine Summit, Carla Smith, HIMSS North America Executive Vice President, joined President Obama and healthcare stakeholders from across the U.S. to pledge HIMSS commitment to engaging and educating the health IT community in support the Precision Medicine Initiative.

Health IT has a critical role to play in advancing healthcare innovation to ensure all communities and individuals have access to the exciting breakthroughs that Precision Medicine is capable of achieving.

The Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) recognizes the importance of advancing precision medicine and the role of technology in enabling research and evolving care delivery that provides the right care to the right patient. HIMSS pledges to engage over 60,000 health IT stakeholders—including technology companies, hospital leaders, researchers and healthcare innovators—at HIMSS16, the Connected Health Conference and our other national, regional, chapter-level, and virtual education events to advance precision medicine. Activities will include a precision medicine policy and technology meeting at HIMSS16 and a thought leader discussion in March in Washington, DC, to discuss and provide feedback on security guidelines for precision medicine.”

The HIMSS Pledge was announced as part of the White House Precision Medicine Summit factsheet this morning, and comes just days before Precision Medicine and the next stage of health IT support for healthcare transformation are highlighted at HIMSS16. Precision Medicine will be the highlight of several key education sessions throughout the week, including discussions on PMI and APIs, and PMI and underserved communities.

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