Nutritional Informatics Resources

Check out The Academy's Consumer and Lifestyle Apps Review which provides nutrition app reviews for Diabetes, Gluten-Free, and Weight Management applications. This is a great resource for reviewing and assessing the many mobile health applications available for diet and nutrition today.

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HIMSS eNewsletter Clinical Informatics Insights highlights improvements in clinical quality and support of health IT practices, policies and tools.

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Explore the Nutrition Informatics Town Hall Series

Meaningful Use in Action - Exploring the Possibility of Nutrition Informatics 

Explore Nutrition Standards and how informatics impacts all areas of Nutrition practice with regard to meaningful use.
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Nutrition Informatics Competencies Delphi Study

An overview of the nutrition informatics Delphi study and competencies for computer skills, informatics skills and informatics knowledge.
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Nutrition Informatics 101

A general overview on how Nutrition Informatics relates to all areas of practice, overview on regulations which are driving use of health IT technology standards in the US and description of how structured nutrition data is necessary for future nutrition care and outcomes reporting.
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CPHIMS Certification Form for Nutrition Informatics Town Hall Series