Intelligent Systems Engineering Approach’s Applied to Improving Healthcare Delivery

Source: Innovation Community
by Hisham Abu-Naba, Professor of Practice, Director of Healthcare Systems Engineering Program, Lehigh University
May 9, 2014

The Innovation Community presents Part 2 of a Series focused on Healthcare Systems Engineering.  This session will focus on innovation, design thinking, and strategic development within a multi-disciplinary approach. 

Given the rising healthcare costs, need for a delicate cost-quality balance and the recent revolution in high performance computing and genomics, healthcare is ripe for a transformation. This creates the requirement for a new generation of intelligent healthcare informatics enabling automated data processing and analysis. Solutions for this challenge requires an innovative and integrated approach that draws from all sectors of the healthcare field. This includes the medical and provider community and associated insurance and regulatory organizations, as well as experts from the realms of business and economics, information technology, and systems engineering. 

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