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  • How do we know Health IT works?
  • How does Health IT improve patient care?
  • Can others duplicate the type of value others have achieved?

We’re collecting examples from around the world to answer those questions. The HIMSS Health IT Value Suite is a robust library of value-focused, evidence-based examples of value classified using a common vocabulary: the HIMSS Health IT Value STEPS™. Take a tour of the STEPS™ model today. Explore its structure, five main categories, 14 subcategories, and over 80 detailed types of value derived from Health IT.

You can filter by category and sub-category, type of organization, location, and designations such as Davies Award winners and Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs).

The STEPS™ model includes just a small sample of what we’ve collected so far. This interactive map lets you view a much larger portion of the organizations profiled in the HIMSS Health IT Value Suite. See where we’ve collected value examples from academic, community, critical access and rural hospitals around the world. See which practices, HIEs, Beacon Communities, ACOs, and other organizations have demonstrated value using Health IT. Check back often as this collection continues to grow. We have much more than what is seen on this map!

Share your story!

You can contribute to this effort by sharing your story. Just click “Share your story!” to the right (or on any screen of the interactive Value STEPS™ tour) and let us know how you and your organization have realized the value of Health IT.

Learn more about the structure of the HIMSS Health IT Value STEPS™ and see more examples of organizations that have achieved this value by taking the tour!

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