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The HIMSS Compensation Survey provides health information technology (IT) professionals with a tool to compare salaries and compensation packages. This overview provides summary information on the salaries that IT professionals earn, and whether or not they have received a raise or bonus in the past year. This information is also analyzed in key demographic categories, including organizational net revenue, facility type, geographic region, gender, professional level and length of service. HIMSS members also have exclusive access to an on-line salary estimator, job descriptions and benefits information.


2015 HIMSS Compensation Survey Infographic

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NEW! HIMSS Longitudinal Gender Compensation Assessment
Leveraging nine years of data (2006 to 2015) from the biennial HIMSS Compensation survey reveals that on average, female HIT workers in the United States have consistently been paid less than their male peers. A gap which seems to exist no matter how the data is cut, and one which appears to have widened over the years. That said, the magnitude of pay disparities tend to vary under select conditions suggesting compensation equity is possible.

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