Approved Education Partner Application Process

The AEP Application contains four sections and the required information is outlined below.  Organizations must complete the application when applying or reapplying for AEP affiliation.


In this section, you will identify the executive and administrative points of contacts and discuss other general organizational information.

Application Fee: $250

Once approved, the fees vary based on your type of organization.

In this section you provide details on your organization's educational mission and goals.

  • Your organization's approach to health IT education
  • The duration of your organization's educational offerings
  • Your organization's mission statement as well as strategic objectives that reflect a sustained commitment to health IT education.

In this section, you provide an extensive, in-depth review of one course offering created by your organization, including:

  • Personnel involved in course design
  • Books used to create the content
  • SMEs consulted
  • A syllabus complete with learning objectives
  • Other aspects showing that the content created meets sound principles of educational program planning.


Become an Approved Education Partner!


AEP contracts are effective for three years, provided that the application fee is paid with the initial application and that payment is received on an annual basis or received in full upon signing your AEP Contract. Organizations must reapply for AEP affiliation every three years.