HIMSS Executive Institute

Understand, achieve, and promote optimal value from the use of IT in a health setting

The HIMSS Executive Institute is a community of executives at Davies Award-winning and high-performing EMRAM organizations. The Institute brings these executives together to understand, achieve, and promote optimal value from the use of digital health and IT in a health setting. These executives share their extensive knowledge and experience to both enhance their own organization's business and clinical outcomes, as well as enable others to join their ranks as transformational leaders. The programming and activities of the HIMSS Executive Institute will be created by its members for its members.


The Institute hosts webinars, holds interactive discussions, and conducts surveys on topics of highest interest to its members. Past topics, as determined by Institute members, have included Maximizing Value from Your Health IT Investments, Revalidating Your Stage 7 Status + EMRAM v2.0, the HIMSS Value Suite, Cybersecurity, and more.

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HEI Shared Experiences

Greg Wolverton, CIO at ArCare, shares how interoperability improved patient experience and outcomes.

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Davies Award Winner Case Studies - Children's Hospital of Orange County

Care Guidelines
CHOC Children's identified a need to standardize and expand their care guidelines program. They expanded from five active care guidelines to 35 standardized, evidence-based care guidelines in the EHR. As a result, average length of stay (LOS) for asthma patients fell from 2.14 days to 1.72 days between 2010 and 2016. Asthma 30-day readmissions fell from an average of 1.7 per quarter to 0.7 per quarter.

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Catheter Associated Urinary Tract Infections (CAUTI)
Through education, a standardized care bundle and efforts to minimize urinary catheter use and duration, CHOC Children's achieved meaningful improvements in CAUTIs, including an overall reduction in CAUTI rate with only one instance in 2016, an increase in months with zero cases of CAUTI, and a decrease in use of urinary catheters.

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Pediatric Early Warning System (PEWS)
CHOC Children's deployed a rapid response program and developed a Pediatric Early Warning System (PEWS), an electronic physiologic assessment tool to standardize language and process of clinical deterioration observation in non-ICU areas. The system leveraged patient data from the electronic health record (EHR) to assess all children for risk of deterioration.

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Breast Milk Management
To eliminate wrong breastmilk reaching the wrong patient, CHOC Children's centralized breastmilk preparation, improved workflow and implemented a breastmilk bar coding system for positive patient identification. As a result, in fiscal year 2013 they reduced wrong milk being fed from three to zero incidents and reduced wrong labels on bottles from 16 to four.

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Davies Award Winner Case Studies - Mercy Health

Clinical Documentation
Mercy implemented a clinical documentation improvement (CDI) initiative and industry-leading analytics to transform clinical documentation workflow, to improve the accuracy of physician documentation, and to shrink the gap between the clinical documentation and the coding world.

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Heart Failure
Through EHR-based pathway development and continual monitoring of utilization, Mercy used the heart failure pathway on 63-83 percent of patients with heart failure during FY2016. They also reduced direct variable costs for all pathway conditions by approximately $28 million and by $800 per case for heart failure patients.

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Mercy used a cost-per-case perioperative dashboard to identify key cost and outcomes data related to surgical procedures, which enabled them to reduce costs by $9.42 million, eliminate or minimize the use of certain surgical products, reduce variation, establish best practices across perioperative departments and ensure quality outcomes for patients.

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Pneumonia Pathway
Mercy reduced pneumonia mortality rates to one to two percent, a 60-80 percent reduction and well below national rates.

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*In Europe, executives at Stage 6, Stage 7, and Davies Award-winning organizations are welcome to join. In North America, participation is open to Stage 7 and Davies Awardees.


For more information or questions about the HIMSS Executive Institute, please contact Greg Walton or Kathy Shaw.