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Certified Associate in Healthcare Information and Management Systems (CAHIMS)

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CAHIMS Exam Fees
$140 = HIMSS Organizational Affiliate Member
$175 = HIMSS Member (excludes Chapter Only and Online Only members)
$225 = Non-Member

non-refundable and non-transferable to another person or administration

The examinations are administered by appointment only:
Monday through Saturday at 9:00 a.m. and 1:30 p.m.

The Certified Associate in Healthcare Information and Management Systems (CAHIMS) Examinations are delivered at over 180 AMP Assessment Centers geographically located throughout the United States. A current listing of AMP Assessment Centers, including addresses and driving directions, may be viewed at by selecting “Candidates.” The examinations are administered by appointment only, Monday through Saturday at 9:00 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. You may apply/schedule an examination by one of the following methods:

Online Scheduling:

  • Go to and select "Candidates."
  • Follow the simple, step-by-step instructions to choose your examination program and register for the examination. Please have your credit card available for online payment of examination fees.

Telephone Scheduling:
Call AMP at 888-519-9901 to schedule an examination appointment. This toll free number is answered from 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. (Central Time) Monday through Thursday, 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. on Friday and 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. on Saturday.

If you contact AMP by 3:00 p.m.
Central Time on…
  Depending on availability, your examination may
be scheduled beginning…
Monday   Wednesday
Tuesday   Thursday
Wednesday   Friday/Saturday
Thursday   Monday
Friday   Tuesday

Telecommunication Devices for the Deaf:

AMP is equipped with Telecommunications Devices for the Deaf (TDD) to assist deaf and hearing-impaired candidates who wish to make application for the examination. TDD calling is available 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (Central Time) Monday through Friday at 913-895-4637. This TDD phone option is for individuals equipped with compatible TDD equipment.

Special Arrangements for Candidates with Disabilities:
AMP is interested in ensuring that no individual with a disability is deprived of the opportunity to take the examination solely by reason of that disability. AMP will provide reasonable accommodations for candidates with disabilities.

  1. Wheelchair access is available at all established Assessment Centers. Candidates must
    advise AMP at the time of registration that wheelchair access is necessary.
  2. Candidates with visual, sensory or physical disabilities that would prevent them from
    taking the examination under standard conditions may request special accommodations
    and arrangements by contacting HIMSS at 312-915-9233.

Examination Rescheduling:
You may reschedule your examination once at no charge, if you contact AMP at least two business days prior to your scheduled computer appointment online at or by calling AMP at 888-519-9901. The following schedule applies:

If your examination is scheduled on…   You must contact AMP by 3:00 p.m. Central Time on…
Monday   Wednesday
Tuesday   Thursday
Wednesday   Friday/Saturday
Thursday   Monday
Friday   Tuesday

Missed Appointments/Cancellations:

You will forfeit the examination registration and all fees paid under the following circumstances.

  • You wish to reschedule an examination but fail to contact AMP at least two business
  • days prior to the scheduled testing session.
  • You wish to reschedule a second time.
  • You appear more than 15 minutes late for an examination, or
  • You fail to report for an examination appointment

Inclement Weather/Power Failure/Other Emergency:
In the event of inclement weather or unforeseen emergencies on the day of an examination, AMP will determine whether circumstances warrant the cancellation, and subsequent rescheduling, of an examination. The examination will usually not be rescheduled if the Assessment Center personnel are able to open the Assessment Center.

You may visit AMP’s website at prior to the examination to determine if AMP has been advised that any Assessment Centers are closed. Every attempt is made to administer the examination as scheduled; however, should an examination be canceled at an Assessment Center, all scheduled candidates will receive notification following the examination regarding rescheduling or reapplication procedures.

If power to an Assessment Center is temporarily interrupted during an administration, your examination will be restarted. The responses provided up to the point of interruption will be intact, but for security reasons the questions will be scrambled.

Taking the Examination:
Report to the Assessment Center no later than your scheduled appointment time. Look for signs indicating AMP Assessment Center Check-in. If you arrive more than 15 minutes after the scheduled testing time you will not be admitted. You may bring a non-programmable calculator to the examination. Calculators built into cell phones or hand-held computers (PDAs) are not permitted in the Assessment Center.

Before beginning the examination, instructions for taking the examination are provided onscreen. The computer monitors the time you spend on the examination. The examination will terminate if you exceed the time allowed. You may click on the “Time” box in the lower menu bar on the screen or select the Time key to monitor your time. A digital clock indicates the time remaining for you to complete the examination. The Time feature may be turned off during the examination.

Only one examination question is presented at a time. The question number appears in the lower right portion of the screen. Choices of answers to the examination question are identified by alpha characters (A, B, C, D). You must indicate your choice by either typing in the letter in the response box in the lower left portion of the computer screen or clicking on the option using the mouse. To change your answer, enter a different option by pressing the A, B, C, or D key or by clicking on the option using the mouse. You may change your answer as many times as you wish during the examination time limit.

To move to the next question, click on the forward arrow (>) in the lower right portion of the screen or select the NEXT key. This action will move you forward through the examination question by question. If you wish to review any question or questions, click the backward arrow (<) or use the left arrow key to move backward through the examination.

An examination question may be left unanswered for return later in the examination session. Questions may also be bookmarked for later review by clicking in the blank square to the right of the Time button. Click on the hand icon or select the NEXT key to advance to the next unanswered or bookmarked question on the examination. To identify all unanswered and bookmarked questions, repeatedly click on the hand icon or press the NEXT key. When the examination is completed, the number of examination questions answered is reported. If not all questions have been answered and there is time remaining, return to the examination and answer those questions.

AMP administration and security standards are designed to ensure all candidates are provided the same opportunity to demonstrate their abilities. The Assessment Center is
continuously monitored by audio and video surveillance equipment for security purposes.

The following security procedures apply during the examination:

  • Examinations are proprietary. No cameras, notes, tape recorders, Personal Digital
    Assistants (PDAs), pagers or cellular phones are allowed in the testing room. Possession of a cellular phone or other electronic devices is strictly prohibited and will result in dismissal from the examination.
  • No guests, visitors or family members are allowed in the testing room or reception areas

Personal Belongings:
No personal items, valuables, or weapons should be brought to the Assessment Center. Only wallets and keys are permitted. Coats must be left outside the testing room. You will be provided a soft locker to store your wallet and/or keys with you in the testing room. You will not have access to these items until after the examination is completed. Please note the following items will not be allowed in the testing room except securely locked in the soft locker.

  • watches
  • hats

Once you have placed everything into the soft locker, you will be asked to pull out your pockets to ensure they are empty. If all personal items will not fit in the soft locker you will not be able to test. The site will not store any personal belongings.

If any personal items are observed in the testing room after the examination is started, the administration will be forfeited.

Examination Restrictions:

  • Pencils will be provided during check-in.
  • You will be provided with one piece of scratch paper at a time to use during the examination, unless noted on the sign-in roster for a particular candidate. You must return the scratch paper to the supervisor at the completion of testing, or you will not receive your score report.
  • No documents or notes of any kind may be removed from the Assessment Center.
  • No questions concerning the content of the examination may be asked during the examination.
  • Eating, drinking or smoking will not be permitted in the Assessment Center.
  • You may take a break whenever you wish, but you will not be allowed additional time to make

If you engage in any of the following conduct during the examination you may be dismissed, your scores will not be reported and examination fees will not be refunded. Examples of misconduct are when you:

  • create a disturbance, are abusive, or otherwise uncooperative;
  • display and/or use electronic communications equipment such as pagers, cellular phones, PDAs;
  • talk or participate in conversation with other examination candidates;
  • give or receive help or are suspected of doing so;
  • leave the Assessment Center during the administration;
  • attempt to record examination questions or make notes;
  • attempt to take the examination for someone else;
  • are observed with personal belongings, or are observed with notes, books or other aids
  • without it being noted on the roster.

Duplicate Score Report:
Requests for a duplicate score report must be made in writing to AMP within one year of the examination date along with a fee of $25.00 payable to AMP by check or money order. Duplicate score reports will be processed and mailed within approximately five business days following receipt of the request.