Certification Renewal

Four Steps for Maintaining Your Certification

CAHIMS, CPHIMS and CAHIMS-CA credentials renewal cycle is every three years.  To renew your certification, you can either retake and pass the examination or follow the renewal process outlined here. 

Once you have submitted your renewal, please allow up to eight weeks to process your application.


Earn Continuing Education Credits

Continuing Education Requirements


Obtain 45 CEs during your renewal cycle. A minimum of 25 of the 45 CEs must be obtained from HIMSS or HIMSS-Approved Provider activities.


In addition to the above requirements for CPHIMS, you must also obtain an additional 15 CEs specific to Canadian healthcare information and management systems. A minimum of 10 of the 15 additional CEs must be obtained from COACH: Canada's Health Informatics Association activities.

Special Circumstances: Waivers & Extensions

The CPHIMS Technical Committee may for good cause waive or reduce the CE requirement due to extenuating circumstances and/or hardships such as illness, natural catastrophies or unforeseen circumstances.

The CPHIMS Technical Committee may grant an extension of time to complete the number of CE hours required for a renewal cycle. An extension of time shall not relieve the individual of the responsibility for completion of the CE requirements.

To request a waiver or extension, please submit a written request to the CPHIMS Technical Committee for consideration at:  

Manager, Certification
33 West Monroe Street | Suite 1700
Chicago, IL 60603

Or email your request to certification@himss.org.

Requests for waivers or extensions must be made no less than 3 months prior to your scheduled renewal date.

Track Your Progress

Individuals are responsible for tracking their own CE hours earned during a renewal cycle. Start documenting your continuing education hours via the CPHIMS and CPHIMS-CA reporting form, which is organized by the six types of qualifying CE hours.

HIMSS stongly recommends that individuals save all continuing education documentation until you are either sent your new certificate or contacted for an audit. We advise you to hold on to your CE tracking documents and accompanying information for up to three years, the length of the renewal cycle.

Download the Continuing Education Reporting Form

Submit Your Renewal

Submit your renewal application and reporting form at least eight weeks before the expiration dated on your certificate by downloading and completing the CAHIMS Renewal Application or the CPHIMS and CPHIMS-CA Renewal Application, and the CE Reporting Form. Return your application, reporting form, and renewal fee by email, fax, or mail to:

You may report your CE hours to HIMSS as early as six months prior to your renewal cycle end date.

CAHIMS Renewal Form CPHIMS Renewal Form

Payment Details

Send payment or credit card information along with your application and reporting form. The renewal fees are:

  • CAHIMS: HIMSS Member Fee - $100 US | Non-Member Fee - $150 US
  • CPHIMS and CPHIMS-CAHIMSS Member Fee - $175 US | Non-Member Fee - $250 US

Acceptable forms of payment include check or money order and credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover).

Failure to Renew

If you fail to apply for renewal by your renewal date, your certification status will be revoked and you will no longer be able to use your credential. You must re-take and pass the certification examination in order to reinstate your credential.

The Renewal Process

  • When HIMSS receives your renewal application, it will be reviewed and processed.
  • When your payment has been processed, you will receive an emailed receipt.
  • When your certificate is ready to ship, you will receive an email confirming your address.
  • When your certificate is mailed, you will receive an email including a tracking number.

The Audit Process

In order to ensure high standards of competency and continuing education, your renewal application may be randomly selected to participate in an audit. 

While HIMSS does not require that you submit documentation, if your renewal application is audited, you must submit documentation of all your qualifying CE hours within 30 days of written notification. You are responsible for documenting your own CE hours during the renewal cycle.

If you are unable to provide documentation within 30 days, your certification will be revoked.

If your documentation is complete, you will be notified that your renewal is valid and will be issued an updated certificate within six weeks. If it is determined that some CE hours are not applicable, HIMSS may allow additional time for you to submit or earn additional replacement CE hours.

Download the Continuing Education Reporting Form


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