Health IT Research

You and your organization want to stay on top of the latest trends and changes in the health IT industry. HIMSS’ research projects – the single source for credible research in healthcare information technology – can help you stay on the cutting edge of the rapidly evolving healthcare world.

Our flagship surveys include:

  • The Compensation Survey allows healthcare information technology (IT) professionals to compare salaries and compensation packages with an overview on the overall market. 

Additional survey research released in the last year includes:

  • The 2017 HIMSS Cybersecurity Survey provides insight into what healthcare organizations are doing to protect their information and assets, in light of increasing cyber-attacks and compromises affecting the healthcare sector.
  • The 2016 Connected Health Research provides information on the current and future use of seven connected health technologies, such as mobile optimized patient portals and remote patient monitoring.
  • The 2016 Cost Accounting Survey explores the readiness of the healthcare industry to move from a fee-for-service to a value-based payment model. The survey also includes information on how healthcare organizations presently determine the cost and price of their services.
  • The 2016 HIMSS Cybersecurity Survey focuses on 183 responses between February and May, 2016, which were highly reflective of the 2015 outcomes. These findings are meant to serve as a “directionally correct” perception of varied providers regarding cybersecurity issues in their organizations and are intended to be instructive.