2016 HIMSS Cybersecurity Survey

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In response to a rise in cybersecurity breaches that continue to put patient data at risk, in 2015, HIMSS introduced a research program to assess these experiences in healthcare organizations across the nation, resulting in a 2015 baseline report on U.S. healthcare cybersecurity.

The 2016 HIMSS cybersecurity survey focuses on 183 responses between February and May, 2016, which were highly reflective of the 2015 outcomes. As a result, this report recognizes the following:

  • Due to the uniformity of responses between 2015 and 2016, the report focuses exclusively on 150 respondents representing U.S. based provider organizations.
  • Concentrating on this subset is based on stories that reflect security breaches in U.S. hospitals and other provider care sites.
  • Hospital-associated organizations are parsed to differentiate between non-acute care organization given the demands from the Meaningful Use program which requires data exchange between provider organizations.

These findings are meant to serve as a “directionally correct” perception of varied providers regarding cybersecurity issues in their organizations and are intended to be instructive.

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