Cleveland Clinic | Davies Enterprise Award

Cleveland Clinic, a nonprofit multispecialty academic medical center and 2017 HIMSS Enterprise Davies Award Recipient, is located in Cleveland, Ohio.

Cleveland Clinic has been leveraging health information technology systems for more than two decades. They have been consistently keeping their finger on the pulse of all the latest innovations in health information and technology dedicated to enhancing the value of patient care.

The clinic’s cardiovascular team is one shining example of their prominent expertise in connecting information technology to the clinical front-line in an effective manner as well as management of population health and chronic disease.

Real-time measurement and clinical decision support are the common themes for the three Davies Award-winning use cases by Cleveland Clinic, the #2 ranked hospital in the United States. Learn more about how Cleveland Clinic has achieved excellence with health information and technology by exploring to their use cases below.

Over 1,500 patients were being monitored and processed through the organization’s heart failure checklist. Electronic Checklist compliance was much higher versus paper. Cleveland Clinic had an enterprise target of achieving a readmission rate of 20% compared to the typical range of 25%. With the electronic checklist, they were able to meet that target.

After the implementation of the VitalScout program, the pilot hospital was able to decrease by more than a third, the number of cardiac arrest in their medical/surgical unit. So far, in 2017, the hospital has gone on to demonstrate a 50% decrease in codes from pre-implementation numbers.

Prior to the Hypertension improvement intervention, Cleveland Clinic was only able to garner 87% of the ACO quality points. After the intervention, they achieved 96% of the ACO quality points. The quality improvement in 2016 translated to an additional $3 million dollars.