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Clinical & Business Intelligence: Data Management - A Foundation for Analytics

With the emergence of EHRs, HIEs, all-payer claims databases, and continuity of care documents (CCD), clinicians and administrators at Health Systems are drowning in data and eagerly seeking ways - through analytics and clinical and business intelligence (C&BI) - to convert data into information and knowledge that can be leveraged to manage and improve clinical, operational, and financial performance.

Data, and the management of those data, create the foundation for a successful C&BI analytics program. In order to acquire, maintain, and prepare data for use in clinical and business analytics, each step should be defined and implemented to ensure quality data for analytics.

This series includes modules on data governance, data integration, data enrichment and enhancement, and data storage; targets health IT CIOs, Directors and Managers responsible for managing data; and provides an overview of considerations and best practices for successfully managing your data.

This is a HIMSS C&BI Task Force tool that identifies the challenges faced by healthcare organizations, both in business and technical terms and explores the topic of integrating Clinical and Business Intelligence (CBI) with operational workflows in the clinical environment. 

Executive Analytics Review Series

Clinical & Business Intelligence Executive Analytics Review Series - HIMSS, May 21, 2015
Struggling to start your clinical and business intelligence program and create an analytics strategy? This three part series will

  1. help you perform an in-depth needs assessment;
  2. provide tools to develop the healthcare analytics roadmap through addressing core areas of who is your champion in acquiring the analytics program, what value to your business is generated with the development of an analytics program, and what is the total cost of program ownership; and
  3. provide a reference model of the IT analytic capabilities a healthcare organization will need as you build an analytics solution.

Integrating Clinical & Business Intelligence into Workflow

Data are plentiful.  Analytical tools are abundant.  But how to translate that data into knowledge, and incorporate it into a clinical and business workflow that results in delivery high-value care?  Integration of data analytics is not unique to healthcare, but with the challenges posed by our enormously complex healthcare industry, the challenge still remains. 

This series explores and identifies the challenges faced by healthcare organizations, both in business and technical terms and explores the topic of integrating C&BI with operational workflows in the clinical environment, provides some best practices, and looks to the future for new solutions.

  • Part 1 -- introduces the topic and the need for clinical and business intelligence integration into the workflow for care delivery.
  • Part 2 -- details case studies of this type of workflow integration and the impact to the organization. The examples provided are courtesy of Geisinger Health System, a Danville, Pennsylvania-based integrated health delivery system.
  • Part 3 -- explores future scenarios by hypothesizing how future healthcare industry trends and technology trends will open up richer clinical workflow integration scenarios.

Population Health Management

RAC Monitor Podcast:  Money and People -- Revenue Cycle to Population Health | HIMSS16 DAY 2 – RAC Monitor, March 2, 2016
Discussing vital healthcare subjects ranging from regulatory and legislative initiatives to population health and revenue cycle improvement, leading subject matter experts from HIMSS participated in three days of special-edition broadcasts live from HIMSS16 in Las Vegas and produced by RACmonitor. Learn about emerging trends and innovations around population health at HIMSS16 from Shelley Price, Director, HIMSS.

Care Team Transformation for Population Health Management – HIMSS C&BI Community, January 28, 2016
This presentation will explain how our country's focus on population health management and value-based care requires care teams in primary care practices to transform dramatically. To succeed, health systems are investing in new models of care delivery, new staff roles and new applications of health information technology beyond the electronic medical record.

Population Health Management – HIMSS Physicians Community, January 25, 2016
This session will provide attendees with an overview of practical examples, challenges, and lessons learned from using location-specific data intelligence, supplied by global geo-mapping technologies, that can contribute to a healthy population.

Population health initiatives in healthcare are gaining momentum, but adoption of vendor provided population health solutions are still in early stages – HIMSS Analytics, December 15, 2015
This Essential Brief, offers insight from nearly 200 healthcare executives (C-Suite, administrators, directors & VPs) on their population health initiatives, and their current and future approach to population health IT solutions and consultants.

Cohort Management (Population Management) – HIMSS Value Suite, December 07, 2015
ACO Navigator - Cohort Management (Population Management)

Episode #5: Know Your STEPS: Patient Engagement & Population Management – HIMSS, October 08, 2015
In this episode, we continue our exploration of the HIMSS STEPS value framework, looking at the topic of patient engagement & population management. We talk with thought leaders from Hawaii Pacific Health about their Davies award- winning efforts around population management.

Podcast HTT 48- Meeting the needs of Population Health Management with Health IT – Healthcare Tech Talk, September 30, 2015
Director of Payer and Life Sciences for HIMSS, Shelley Price,  joins us to share her insight into Population Health Management and how healthcare organizations can leverage technology to meet this new paradigm of caring for our communities and the individuals within them.

Top 10 Steps to Take Before Launching a Population Health Management Program - HIMSS, July 06, 2015
Expert advice from Claudia Miller, a healthcare technology consultant from The Chartis Group, and a member of the HIMSS Clinical & Business Intelligence Population Health Task Force.

Ingredients for a Healthier Population – HIMSS Physicians Community, June 17, 2015
How can we, as care providers, move beyond the office to develop a healthier population

C&BI and Population Health Town Hall Series – HIMSS C&BI and Population Health Task Forces, May-June, 2015

Use of Patient Portals in ACO and Population Health Management – HIMSS Connected Patient Community, May 19, 2015
This HIMSS Connected Patient Community event features the University of Iowa, a 2014 Davies Award winner as they share how the patient EMR portal plays a key role in their ACO success story.

Consent, Privacy and Security in Population Health Data Management – HIMSS HIE Toolkit Task Force, April 30, 2015
A look at the specific security needs that HIEs must consider in order to support population health data management.

Public & Population Health Informatics Careers – HIMSS Emerging Professionals Community, February 26, 2015
For over 150 years, public health informatics has been utilized effectively in the pursuit of keeping populations healthy. In the era of healthcare reform, there is an increasing demand for individuals with these skillsets.

HIEs and Population Health Management Relating to MEPI – HIMSS MEPI Community, January 13, 2015
January 2015 ME-PI Community presentation with guest speaker Marc Lassaux Chief Technology Officer, Quality Health Network

The New World of Population Health -- How to Get to Good … and Then Beyond to Great – JHIM, Spring 2014  
A JHIM resource describing the five pillars of PHM, a maturity model that can be used to define the roadmap to population health, and what separates the PHM programs producing results from the others.

Self-Insured Hospital Employee: A Launching Point for Population Health Management – HIMSS C&BI Community, October 23, 2013 
Learn about health management with self-insured hospital employees.

General Resources

Can Predictive Analytics Become Healthcare’s Crystal Ball? – HIMSS, April 27, 2016
Predictive analytics is increasingly being implemented by both providers and payers to power initiatives from improving resource utilization and cost optimization, to diagnosing diseases and coordinating care, to managing patient and staff workflow. This resource will help you improve outcomes and manage costs in three areas: (1) Improving Care Delivery, (2) Cost Containment, and (3) Reducing Preventable Readmission.

Practical Steps to Enterprise Data Governance – HIMSS, April 14, 2016
In this companion piece to "A ROADMAP TO EFFECTIVE DATA GOVERNANCE: How to Navigate Five Common Obstacles," learn how to create a program that succeeds in getting your data governance started and sustained, understand the importance of data stewardship, and take the long-term view of data governance.

Case Study: A Readmissions Prediction Model Using LACE – HIMSS, November 20, 2015
HIMSS resource discusses how the efficacy of the LACE Index, a widely used predictive model for identifying patients with high readmission risk, can be improved.

Improving the Efficacy of Predictive Models – HIMSS, November 16, 2015
HIMSS resource discusses how the efficacy of the LACE Index, a widely used predictive model for identifying patients with high readmission risk, can be improved.

Top 10 Best Practices for Clinical Predictive Analytics – HIMSS, November 16, 2015
HIMSS tool describes top 10 best practices for clinical predictive analytics that improve patient care in value and efficiency.

A ROADMAP TO EFFECTIVE DATA GOVERNANCE: How to Navigate Five Common Obstacles – HIMSS May 2015
A HIMSS C&BI Committee paper examining five obstacles encountered by healthcare organizations when implementing data governance and recommended approaches to achieve the desired results

A HIMSS C&BI Task Force tool that provides an iterative, repeatable data analytics process framework for data scientists to collaborate with the decision makers and users to inform a healthcare organization's robust and effective operational and strategic policies, procedures, plans, and implementations.

Will Predictive Analytics Drive Healthier Lives? – HIMSS, November 2014
Can big data and predictive analytics restore in people traits associated with a long, healthy life? Kaiser Permanente CMIO John Mattison, MD, will make the case during his opening keynote at the Big Data & Healthcare Analytics Forum in Boston. Check out the Forum’s 22 presentations.

Three Questions for a Strong Data Management Strategy – HIMSS, August 2014
An enterprise-level approach to data management that addresses all the sources, people, and processes is required to ensure the data is accurate, current and consistent.

Predictive Analytics Usage and Implications in Healthcare – HIMSS MEPI Community, June, 2014
June 2014 ME-PI Community presentation with guest speaker Bryan Bennett, Professor at Northwestern University

Hawaii Pacific Health's Clinical & Business Intelligence Journey – HIMSS, April 16, 2014
This case study examines Hawaii Pacific Health's journey to promote patient safety and demonstrate measurable clinical outcomes.

7 Ways to Maximize the Value Data Visualization in Dashboards – HIMSS, November 27, 2013
Expert advice from Allison R. Allison, a health analytics consultant from Leidos and associated with the HIMSS Clinical & Business Intelligence Data and Analytics Task Force.

How to Build a Successful Clinical & Business Intelligence Roadmap – HIMSS, November 06, 2013
Health care reform is driving the need to manage the health of populations of patients across the care continuum to improve clinical outcomes and quality, reduce medical costs, increase revenues for services, and improve patient satisfaction. New payment models require new care processes and demand innovative reporting requirements.

Telehealth: An Affordable, Measurable Healthcare Delivery Model (Kaiser Permanente, Northern California) – HIMSS, October 24, 2013
KP recognized the importance of providing comprehensive care management to patients with chronic conditions and developed a telehealth strategy for addressing care across the continuum for congestive heart failure patients.

Essential Clinical Analytics Technologies (Module 4) – HIMSS, June 11, 2013
Clinical Analytics turns diverse data into meaningful information. Technologies support data acquisition, integration, enhancement and information delivery.

Big Data and Analytics - An Industry Perspective Question & Answer Session – HIMSS Innovation Community, April 12, 2013
Background on how the pharmaceutical and device industry are viewing big data and developing capabilities focused on utilizing multiple data sources to answer internal business and scientific questions.

ThedaCare’s Clinical & Business Intelligence Journey – HIMSS, February 2013
This case study examines ThedaCare’s journey along a business intelligence maturity curve and highlights several observations and lessons that can help others who might want to setup a similar function at their institution.

Defining the Landscape: Data Warehouse and Mining: Intelligence Continuum

Clinical & Business Decision Support: Tech Support (Healthcare IT News)
HIMSS' Mary Griskewicz and HIMSS Analytics' James Gaston discuss the benefits and obstacles to integrating Clinical Decision Support (CDS) and Business Intelligence.

Industry News

Researchers Mine Data From Clinic, Big Insurer
UnitedHealth Group and Mayo Clinic will launch Optum Labs to use millions of health-insurance claims/patient records to research best outcomes at lower costs.

Mining Electronic Records for Revealing Health Data
RAND report neglects a powerful incentive for the switch to EHRs: the resulting databases of clinical information are gold mines for medical research.