Esri - Four Ways to Bring Your Community Health Needs Assessment to Life

A community health needs assessment should not simply fulfill a legal requirement; it should be actionable.  Find out how taking the data that has a geographic component and putting it in to a geographic information system will give you a new perspective.

Read an Excerpt: 

To achieve real-time awareness, you need to bring financial data, customer relationship management information, and critical business systems data into one system that shows necessary data and analytics, all in a single view. With the ArcGIS platform, organizations can gain a high-level overview of all operations—in real time and in one place. Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS is a complimentary, ready-to-use application that can be employed to address what matters most. Interactive maps and data sources update automatically as data is received, so you can see the current status of your projects and what types of issues are becoming apparent—and have the ability to quickly respond. Visualizing the projects allows you to be better prepared for public inquiries and budget accordingly.

CHNA, Geographic Information System, GIS