Revenue Cycle Resources

Purpose: Since 2011 the Revenue Cycle Improvement Task Force has been on a quest to address the patient financial experience as it relates to their overall satisfaction when they engage with the healthcare delivery system. Effective July 2015 the task force began focusing its energies on creating a vision for the next generation of revenue cycle management tools and processes that keep administrative cost containment, interoperability, and consumer engagement front and center. The task force provides thought leadership and fosters industry wide collaboration. Membership includes representatives from providers, financial institutions, payers, mobile technology companies, retail clinics, revenue cycle vendors, healthcare consultants and other professional associations, including HFMA, HATA and AMA.

Call for Patient Financial Experience Stories

The HIMSS RCI task force is issuing a Call for Patient Financial Experience Stories. The intent is to identify and celebrate work already underway that will lead to full realization of the Patient Financial Experience of the Future envisioned by the HIMSS RCI task force. Patient Stories may address any or all of three distinct categories. See the full document for additional details.

Revenue Cycle Improvement Task Force