Health Information Exchange (HIE)

Learn about Health Information Exchange (HIE) organizations, networks and initiatives at the local, regional and state levels. HIE is critical for successful healthcare reform and meaningful use of health IT.

Today's health information exchange (both the noun and the verb) is a dynamically evolving landscape. We're here to help!

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FAQ: Health Information Exchange

Looking for quick answers to basic questions about HIE?  Check out our new FAQ!

HIMSS/NACCHO HIE Toolkit for Public Health

Download the FULL HIE Toolkit for Public Health, including additional illustrations, footnotes and references.

The Business Case for Interoperability and Health Information Exchange

Developed by the HIMSS 2013-2014 HIE and I&S Committees, this white paper examines the current state of healthcare data sharing, and provides truly insightful recommendations toward building a culture of interoperability.  Read the press release here!

HIMSS State HIT Dashboard | HIMSS  HIMSS State HIT Dashboard

A comprehensive interactive resource for national and state-level HIT initiatives, including locations of HIE organizations, academic HIT programs, state legislation updates, Davies Award winners, and much more!

Health IT Toolkit | HIMSS

HIE Toolkit

For health information exchange organizations and providers

Health IT Toolkit | HIMSS

Ambulatory HIE Toolkit

For private practitioners, physician groups, and independent ambulatory practices or clinics

Health IT Toolkit | HIMSS

Enterprise HIE Toolkit

For hospitals and Integrated Delivery Systems (IDS) providers

Latest News

HIMSS Letter to HHS Calls for Revisiting the Full-Year Meaningful Use 2015 Reporting Requirement

This letter emphasizes HIMSS’ commitment to interoperability that leads to information exchange, and supports the principle that over the entire course of the MU program, Stage 2 outcomes and the 2014 Edition CEHRT are important drivers toward successfully achieving positive transformation of the U.S. healthcare system.

ONC Fact Sheet: 2014 Edition Release 2 EHR Certification Criteria Final Rule

This ONC Fact sheet on the 2014 Edition Release 2 EHR Certification Final Rule provides information on the “ten optional 2014 Edition EHR certification criteria and two revised 2014 Edition EHR certification criteria” that were adopted “that provide flexibility, clarity, and enhance health information exchange” in a convenient table format.

Access My Records, Inc. Announces First “Auto-Create” Patient Portal Solution for HIEs and Hospitals Using the Direct Protocol.

Today, Access My Records, Inc. announced its patent-pending technology to provide hospitals, HIEs and healthcare software vendors with a “low-touch” solution to “auto-create” a patient portal originated from standardized HL7 patient documents (structured CCDs or unstructured CDAs) sent over Secure Direct Messaging.

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