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The HIMSS Privacy and Security Committee goal: "By 2014, all entities who use, send, or store health information meet requirements for confidentiality, integrity, availability and accountability based on sound risk management practices, using recognized standards and protocols."

HIMSS has launched several work groups that are actively involved with industry changing activities to achieve this goal.

HIMSS is proud to announce its collaboration with the SANS Institute
As part of a collaboration between HIMSS and the SANS Institute, HIMSS will host a complimentary webinar on "Practical Steps for Assessing Tablet and Mobile Device Security" to demonstrate SANS' expertise in security training.

Health IT Toolkit | HIMSS

Privacy & Security Toolkit

Apply general principles for managing electronic data to meet compliance requirements

Health IT Toolkit | HIMSS

Small Provider Organization Privacy & Security Toolkit

Implement appropriate policy and procedures for smaller organizations

Health IT Toolkit | HIMSS

Patient Identity Integrity Toolkit

Navigate the challenges of securely, reliably matching patient identity across systems

Health IT Toolkit | HIMSS

Risk Assessment Toolkit

Conduct security risk assessments and implement a risk management process

Health IT Toolkit | HIMSS

Mobile Security Toolkit

Manage mobile technology security based on industry best practices

Health IT Toolkit | HIMSS

Cloud Security Toolkit

Understand the security challenges of cloud computing and make informed decisions

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