ICD-9 to ICD-10 Transition

Despite the uncertainty surrounding the implementation date for ICD-10, HIMSS remains committed to providing the industry with the tools and resources to ensure successful transition. The HIMSS ICD-10 PlayBook contains tools, guidelines, and information to help with your ICD-10 implementation.

ICD-10 Playbook

The ICD-10 PlayBook provides critical information, resources, and toolkits to assist hospitals, ambulatory centers, practitioners, and their staff in transitioning to ICD-10.

Recent Additions to the ICD-10 Playbook

20 ICD-10 Imperatives in 20 Months - July 2014
View this Infographic from the Advisory Board Company for a glimpse at a 20 month timeline for ICD-10 Implementation.

Road to 10 - June 2014
Road to 10 is a no-cost tool that will give you you an overview of ICD-10, explore specialty references, and a "Build Your Own" Action plan that can be customizable to your needs.

ICD-10 Testing Guidance (HIMSS ICD-10 Task Force) - June 2014
The HIMSS ICD-10 Task Force published this paper to provide guidance to health plans and providers on testing the vast amount of coding changes that will occur with ICD-10.

ICD-10 Transition: Where You Need to Be Now - May 2014
An overview of where organizations should be in the ICD-10 implementation process.


Corporate Member Whitepapers

As a benefit of membership, HIMSS Corporate Members are invited to share thought leadership pieces on topics of their choice. The views and opinions expressed in these White Papers are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of HIMSS.

View Corporate Member White Papers related to the ICD-10 Transition.

ICD-10 National Pilot Program

The ICD-10 National Pilot Program, an industry-wide healthcare collaborative effort co-led by HIMSS and WEDI, was established in 2013 to develop a standard set of testing scenarios for the healthcare community and to identify an "asynchronous" testing model for small and large organizations who must test for ICD-10. The goal is for you to begin testing early and remediate your systems well in advance of the compliance date.

Get Involved - ICD-10 Task Force

If you are interested in joining the HIMSS ICD-10 Task Force, contact Joanne Bartley

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ICD-10 Breaking News

July 31, 2014

Deadline for ICD-10 Allows Healthcare Industry Ample Time to Prepare for Change

The ICD-10 deadline extension to October 1, 2015 permits the healthcare industry additional time to comply with the ICD-10 codes.

June 18, 2014

WEDI ICD-10 Emergency Summit Summary

This document provides a summary of the discussion surrounding the WEDI Emergency ICD-10 Summit held on April 30, 2014 in response to the compliance date change.

June 17, 2014

SNOMED, ICD-11 Not Feasible Alternatives to ICD-10-CM/PCS Implementation

As the October 1, 2015 compliance date for ICD-10 looms, many wonder whether SNOMED or ICD-11 are good alternatives. This article outlines why neither is an acceptable replacement and why the United States must remain committed to ICD-10.


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