ICD-10 National Pilot Program

The ICD-10 National Pilot Program, an industry-wide healthcare collaborative effort co-led by HIMSS and WEDI, was established in 2013 to develop a standard set of testing scenarios for the healthcare community and to identify an "asynchronous" testing model for small and large organizations who must test for ICD-10. The goal is for you to begin testing early and remediate your systems well in advance of the compliance date.

HIMSS/WEDI ICD-10 National Pilot Program Outcomes Report

The HIMSS/WEDI ICD-10 National Pilot Program Outcomes Report was designed to raise awareness around ICD-10 testing, possible testing methods and provide information on the outcomes of a specific collaborative pilot testing program. This multi-stakeholder industry project included representatives from providers, health plans, billing companies, clearinghouses, government, industry associations and vendors.

This report is not designed to define, recommend or mandate a specific testing process and does not discuss, relate or extrapolate to the results of any full end-to-end testing program.

ICD-10 Medical Test Cases

The Pilot Program used de-identified, real medical records as "medical test cases" which were collected, vetted and developed by ICD-10 National Pilot Program 's Testing Scenarios and Coding Work Group. Volunteer, AHIMA-approved ICD-10 Trainers from various organizations coded the medical test cases using ICD-10-CM/PCS to produce the medical test case "answer key." Each "answer key" is located within each Wave page listed below. In the pilot, the term "wave" was used to mean "scheduled phases" in which each set of medical test cases were sent to each of the participating organizations. It should be noted that because it was out of scope for the program, ICD-9 codes from the submitted medical records were not reviewed for accuracy by the coders creating the answer keys.

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