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The Health Business Solutions area identifies and promotes the effective use of financial and administrative systems for healthcare organizations. This area encompasses medical banking, revenue cycle management and ICD-10.

To learn more about what Health Business Solutions is doing in these areas, please contact Pam Jodock, Senior Director, Health Business Solutions at or (312) 507-9924 or Joanne Bartley, Manager, Health Business Solutions at or (312) 915-9251. Information specifically related to ICD-10 may be found on the ICD-10 PlayBook.

What Is Medical Banking?

While most people are familiar with the terms revenue cycle management, financial privacy and security and ICD-10, medical banking is a relatively new term in the healthcare industry. Banks have a central role to play in the evolution of electronic business transformation in healthcare, mostly because of their traditional role as processers of the $2.5 trillion that the US spends in healthcare annually. This role places them in a central position for moving the business of healthcare from paper to digital processes - an area of innovation known as "medical banking".

Teamed with healthcare financial systems, some banks offer a new platform of value that can revolutionize healthcare communications both at the business and consumer levels. This platform integrates best of breed technology across banking and healthcare systems.

Medical banking helps providers better manage the business side of healthcare. These best practices solve problems such as:

  • getting paid at point of care
  • reducing end-to-end healthcare administrative costs
  • removing paper-based inefficiency and waste

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The Health Business Solutions Committee and Task Forces identify and promote the effective use of financial and administrative systems for healthcare organizations. Building on the historical work of the Medical Banking and Financial Systems Committee, this Committee will work collaboratively with others to understand and define the points of intersection of finance and financial systems across the healthcare continuum.

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Task Force White Papers

View a list of Health Business Solutions Task Force White Papers which cover a variety of topics which include:

  • the current deployment of digital identity credentials within the financial services industry and an analysis of how this could be leveraged to facilitate the nation's goals for eHealth;
  • an exploration of how the revenue cycle management process could be used to enhance the patient/consumer financial experience when they interact with the healthcare delivery system;
  • the transition from ICD-9 to ICD-10

Corporate Member White Papers

As a benefit of membership, HIMSS Corporate Members are invited to share thought leadership pieces on topics of their choice.  The views and opinions expressed in these White Papers are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of HIMSS.

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