MEDITECH - 6.1 is the Path to Clinical Transformation

MEDITECH's 6.1 platform is here: a clinically-integrated, state-of-the-art healthcare solution that's meeting the needs of large IDNs, small critical access hospitals, and everything in between.

Read an Excerpt: 

6 ways 6.1 supports you.

By giving you technology that’s truly transformational.

We’ll change the way your physicians interact with IT, with tools that are as easy and intuitive as using a tablet or smartphone. Yes, that’s right.
With robust content that’s evidencebased and peerreviewed...
Imagine having hundreds of evidencebased order sets, rounds lists, clinical panels, and specialty templates—all right out of the box.
...And specialty specific.
An oncologist’s needs are different from a cardiologist’s needs, which are different from an orthopedic surgeon’s needs, and so on. Get the best practice content for your specialty, embedded right in your workflow.
By improving physician productivity.

Work faster and smarter with technology that gives you the complete patient story. The right technology helps you to be better; it doesn’t hold you back.
With minimal training.

You didn’t need to take a fourhour training or read a huge manual to use your smartphone. Guess what? You also won’t need to do those things to use your EHR.
And metrics for high-value healthcare.

Meet your strategic goals for population health, ACOs/PCMHs, and overall sustainability with a Central Business Office and enhanced tools that track your clinical and financial progress.

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