Meet Our Member: Bonny Roberts

Vice President, Customer Experience

HIMSS: Please describe your current involvement with HIMSS and its benefits.
Roberts: I am currently winding down after two years as a member of the HIMSS Innovation Committee.  This experience was my first with HIMSS and I could not have been more amazed by the passion, drive and commitment of my fellow volunteers. I benefited from their unique perspectives and desire to leave behind something tangible that HIMSS can use to further healthcare innovation.

  • Our greatest achievement, I believe, was the diverse and poignant programming we regularly provided to the innovation community.
  • My upcoming contribution to HIMSS will be at the chapter level, as the Colorado HIMSS Chapter board’s education liaison. 


HIMSS: What do you believe will be possible in healthcare with more innovation in the future?
Roberts: I hope that healthcare strives to invest in situational awareness in the years to come. Full disclosure:  situational awareness is the niche in which I work.

Much like that futuristic feel while watching Tom Cruise in “Minority Report,” the predictive power of situational awareness still wows me. It is not just what it can do today to improve workflow and operational efficiencies by saving clinicians clicks, keystrokes, time and double keying data, but its potential once it defines those workflows across an ever-growing breadth of health IT technologies (applications, operating systems, data analytics, mobile tools, real-time locating systems (RTLS), radio frequency identification (RFID), etc.) 

To date, so much of health IT has operated in silos to solve a unique computing problem. When I look ahead, I envision a healthcare world consisting of IT componentry so aware of each other that end user workflow entails of most all “flow” and far less “work.” This dream will build with the interoperability we recognize today.