Meet Our Member: Cindy McKinney, MBA, PMP, FHIMSS

Delivery Excellence Leader Over Strategy And Transformation
IBM Global Business Services Public Sector

Cindy McKinney, MBA, PMP, FHIMSS, is the delivery excellence leader over strategy and transformation practice within IBM’s Global Business Services Public Sector.  Her experience includes project management, analytics, strategic and operational planning, and workflow optimization

McKinney’s experience includes 19 years with a healthcare system, where she served as director of management engineering/decision support for 15 hospitals.  For the last 10 years, she has worked as a program manager for large commercial and federal projects.  In her current role, she is responsible for the delivery oversight for over 350 projects.

She has been a member of HIMSS since 1987. McKinney established the Heart of America HIMSS chapter in Kansas City in 1997.  She later served on HIMSS board of directors from 2001-2004.  In 2005, McKinney assumed the role of chair of the management Engineering-Performance Improvement Special Interest Group (SIG), which saw extraordinary growth from 30 members to over 350 members. The work efforts of the SIG/Committee resulted in the establishment of two committees: Management Engineering/Process Improvement and Clinical/Business Intelligence

McKinney is an active member of HIMSS, leading numerous workshops and sessions.  In 2012, her HIMSS-published book “Implementing Business Intelligence in your Healthcare Organization,” was among the best sellers at HIMSS. 

She has been recognized by HIMSS for her active participation in the health IT industry: she received the Distinguished Fellow award in 2010, the SIG Leadership award in 2007,  a Spirit of HIMSS Award in 2006, and the HIMSS 2004 Board of Directors Award. 


HIMSS: How did you become involved with HIMSS?

McKinney: I joined HIMSS in 1987, but did not become actively involved until 1993. I began reviewing papers for the annual conference, joined the Chapters’ Committee, and then continued to get involved with other committees to get a full understanding of the HIMSS organization.


HIMSS: What has been the most rewarding aspect of your involvement with HIMSS?

McKinney: I feel fortunate to have met so many great members over the years, many of whom I consider to be my friends.  My goal is to take away something from everything I do - whether it be working on a committee or speaking at an event. People have great ideas and insight, and if you just listen to them, you can learn a great deal!


HIMSS: Can you explain how you choose content for the pre-conference symposia for HIMSS14?

McKinney: I wanted to develop content that would provide attendees with tactical, real life application. I developed an outline that would complement the Project Management Institute (PMI) approach, and put a healthcare spin on it. I wanted it to be something that would fit multiple audiences while covering the diverse healthcare spectrum.


HIMSS: Can you give a brief overview of the Project Management Symposium that will take place at HIMSS14?

McKinney: The Project Management Symposium will include a heavy emphasis on change management and project planning and coordination.  We all agree, if these are not done well, the project will not be as successful.  Attendees will have the opportunity to hear from five project managers, all various backgrounds, who will provide tips, tricks, and tools from what they have learned.  We will conduct a panel session at the end of the day to allow for open Q&A as well as prepared panel questions.


McKinney: How do you anticipate the conversation will continue after HIMSS14?

HIMSS: When attendees register for this Symposium, they will also have the opportunity to attend the monthly Virtual Learning Network sessions.  These sessions will allow attendees to continue focused learning to critical project management topics (or those topics we just did not have enough time to cover during the symposium).


HIMSS: What advice would you give professionals just entering the healthcare or IT field?

McKinney: Learn "enough" about healthcare, so you understand the business. Healthcare is unique, and it is about the patient. Leverage your subject matter experts and listen to them. They know their needs better than you. Continue to find ways to keep learning and growing!