Meet Our Member: Detlev H. (Herb) Smaltz, Ph.D., FHIMSS, FACHE

Detlev H.
Founder, President and CEO
CIO Consult, LLC.

Herb Smaltz, Ph.D., FHIMSS, FACHE, founder, president and CEO of CIO Consult, LLC, works with healthcare provider and vendor organizations to provide CIO-level professional services focused on information technology (IT) strategy, IT governance, interim CIO services, RFI/RFP planning and oversight, project management office planning and evaluation, CIO and IT staff coaching and mentoring and other services to improve and enhance organizational performance.

Smaltz has over 25 years of experience in healthcare management, with all but four of those years as CIO/CKO at a variety of organizations, both small and large in size. He is a HIMSS Fellow, and served on the HIMSS Board of Directors (BOD) from 2002-2005, and as the HIMSS 2004-2005 HIMSS BOD f Vice Chair. He is also the co-author of several books.

As a senior leader with extensive experience and expertise, Smaltz will be a speaker at the HIMSS Leadership Essentials Conference, June 13 at the Global Center for Health Innovation in Cleveland.

HIMSS: How did you become involved with HIMSS?
Smaltz: As a young air force lieutenant, professional development was something that was always stressed as one of the many benefits of serving in the military. Don Shields, one of many outstanding mentors that I was privileged to get to know over the years, encouraged me to join HIMSS in 1990. I have attended virtually every annual conference since. I loved reading the HIMSS Journal of Healthcare Information Management, and began to contribute articles for the publication shortly after being introduced to HIMSS.

HIMSS: What has been the most rewarding aspect of your involvement with HIMSS?
Smaltz: The educational content  HIMSS produces for Annual Conference & Exhibition is outstanding; however, by far the most rewarding aspect of involvement in HIMSS is the ever-expanding network of friends and colleagues that has grown over the years. Being able to pick up the phone and talk to trusted counterparts about particular issues or problems we mutually face and helping one another to succeed has been priceless. 

HIMSS: What can attendees expect to gain from attending the “HIMSS Leadership Essentials Conference?”
Smaltz: Attendees will find a broad spectrum of content delivered from multiple perspectives that they can leverage to further their own professional development.

HIMSS: Can you provide a brief overview of what you will be discussing during your “Lessons Learned on the Road to the Executive Office” sessions?  
Smaltz: I plan to share lessons learned that are applicable to anyone with aspirations of becoming a CIO, as well as some specific lessons learned with respect to transitioning from military to the civilian health IT sector. 

HIMSS: What skills are needed for emerging leaders within a health IT organization? 
Smaltz: Leadership, organization, diplomacy and patience are the skills I would say are vital to emerging leaders.

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