Meet our Member: Sumit Nagpal

President and Chief Executive Officer
Lumira USA, Inc.

Sumit Nagpal is Co-Founder and Chief Innovation Officer Lumira Limited, President and Chief Executive Officer, Lumira USA, Inc.

HIMSS: Please describe your current involvement with HIMSS and its benefits.

Nagpal: I am known in the industry as a disruptor. As a proponent of the HIMSS cause, my involvement comes directly in executing many initiatives that  support the HIMSS mission to improve health through the use of technology. I currently do a great deal of work in the U.K. and am appreciating the importance of HIMSS globally.

HIMSS: What do you believe is the biggest challenge in regards to Health Information Exchanges (HIEs)?

Nagpal: Interoperability, financial sustainability and competitive issues between organizations.

1. Interoperability creates challenges of connecting to different EHRs, and having to connect with many more technology solution sets and systems. Various exchange organizations then have to build multiple interfaces to connect disparate systems, and this creates not only financial concerns, but also, security concerns. It can get expensive and challenging, which is why vendors need to be versatile with technology platforms and capable of "plug and play" functionality.

2. Financial sustainability is another concern, because many current systems rely on government financing. This reliance on public funding has no long-term business model, and eventually, when the HITECH Act money subsides, only various fees-for-service payment models and value-based models will survive. Thus, offering analytics capabilities should increase value and worth.

3. Competitive issues between organizations and having to share data and care coordination can be challenging. Many healthcare entities see this approach as helping the competitor by using its data to take patients away from their own systems. We need to put the patient front-and center as our main concern.

HIMSS: Please explain what you believe can be accomplished through the use of HIEs in the future?

Nagpal: HIEs hold great promise for improving continuity of care and reducing costs in healthcare. HIEs, when designed and fully connected to their surroundings, can support patient care and overall population management.

There is a great opportunity for healing the sick and keeping the able-bodied enjoying what life has to offer. The challenge will be choosing the technology that will not “rip and tear” current HIE footprints, but rather, solutions that can synergize and complement existing technologies to use correct data in the best way to improve patient care. A true HIE supports this concept and empowers all healthcare stakeholders – mostly the consumer – you and me.