Members in Action: Edmund Siy

Vice President, Business Transformation

Edmund Siy leads collaborative business efforts, driving customer engagement and business transformation both inside and outside of Mercy. Siy has over 20 years of business and technology accomplishments in acquisitions, business affairs, finance, marketing, production, and shared service operations in multiple industries.  Prior to joining Mercy, he spent 15 years at Time Warner. He is the president-elect of the HIMSS Midwest Gateway Chapter and a member of the HIMSS Innovation Committee. 

HIMSS: Please describe your current involvement with HIMSS and its benefits.
Siy: I have been a member since 2013 and achieved Senior Status in October 2015. I am a member of the HIMSS Innovation Committee (2015-2017) and a Midwest Gateway Chapter board member (president-elect, 2015/16; vice president Marketing and Communications, 2014/15). HIMSS provides a collaborative forum both nationally and locally to learn about key industry trends and a forum to interact with peers.

HIMSS: What do you to accomplish when you begin your term as  president for the HIMSS Midwest Gateway chapter?
Siy: 2016 is our chapter’s 25th anniversary. The goal is to continue  as a venue that not only enriches our members, but also, acts as a valuable resource for the students in our area. We must provide compelling educational opportunities  and a forum for members to interact so that our sector continues responding to an ever-changing environment.

HIMSS: What do you think will be possible in the future of healthcare, with the use of innovation?
Siy: Healthcare spending is 18 percent of gross domestic product. (Altarum Institute, October 2015) The current economic model is not sustainable. Innovation will be the vital  component to differentiate our current approach. We must think in terms of how economics can support clinical requirements and  concurrently deliver a ’quality’ patient experience. HIMSS encourages  its members to achieve better health through the use of information technology. Combine that clinical mission with a passion for technology and anything is possible in the future of our industry!