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Opportunities to Engage

Opportunities to Engage include:

  • Roadmap Task Force
    • This Task Force is responsible for providing updates to the HIMSS mHealth Roadmap, a strategic framework for implementing mHealth at the point of care.
  • Legal/Policy Task Force
    • This Task Force is focused on advancing policy positions and providing public comment related to mobile health technology. The task force also assists with developing summaries and resources related to legislation and regulation impacting mHealth.
  • mHealth Physician Task Force
    • This Task Force is responsible for creating resources for physicians and providers to better understand challenges and opportunities related to the use of mHealth.
  • What's Next Work Group is focused on "State of the Union" on Biosensors (Filling the Gap)
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Resources – Six Topic Areas of mHealth Community

New Care Models

Today's traditional care model landscape is changing dramatically, driven by federal healthcare policy, advancements in technology, and a continuing quest to deliver high-quality care in the most cost-efficient manner. View the New Care Models Resources>


The connection between eHealth and mHealth is important: no mobile medical or monitoring device will be meaningful without the capability to capture and exchange information with key systems. View the Technology Resources>


Transformation in the U.S. healthcare system is not an issue but a necessity.  The present system is wasteful, fragmented, and limits engagement between patients and providers. View the ROI/Payment Resources>


A number of recent policy developments have changed the way patients, physicians, and other healthcare professional’s access information and healthcare. View the Policy Resources>

Standards & Interoperability

To properly support this communication, mobile devices must support standards for information exchange which serve as the building blocks for the seamless and secure exchange of health information. View the Standards & Interoperability Resources>

Privacy & Security

Privacy and security in healthcare involve a process that must be navigated to reach our destination of protecting the patient, providers, organizations, and vendors. View the Privacy & Security Resources>

mHealth Strategies for Providers: Value & Insights

mHIMSS Roadmap Updates

See how the Roadmap is informing and equipping providers 

Mobile Security Toolkit

View the The Mobile Security Toolkit

Case Studies

See how mHealth can impact care coordination:  Case Studies

mHealth Body of Evidence

Challenges, successes, lessons learned, and outcomes supported by metrics from peer reviewed and outside organizations.

Mobile Health Survey

3rd Annual HIMSS Analytics Mobile Health Survey

Partners – Updates from the Ecosystem

Federal Resources (FDA, ONC, FCC)

International mHealth Community

mHealth Summit 2014



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Latest News

  • 06/02/2014
    The FDA's new initiative, openFDA, is designed to facilitate easier access to large, important public health data sets collected by the agency.

  • 04/25/2014
    These five emerging mobile health IT trends, from "Mobile Health IT in the States: A Policy Perspective (2013)," which was developed under the auspices of the HIMSS State Advisory Roundtable, offer guidance for state legislators as they review and develop relevant mobile health policy.

  • 09/27/2013
    The mHIMSS Summary and Analysis of the FDA Mobile Medical Applications Final Guidance seeks to explain the FDA’s intentions to exercise its authority over a subset of mobile apps, to promote innovation and to protect patient safety.

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