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The Physician Community webinar series targets key hot topics and top areas of interest pertinent physician's with regard to health information technology and medical informatics. Become more informed of the changing HIT environment and discover new ways of how understanding these concepts and medical informatics will benefit physicians.

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Data Aggregation; the forgotten key to analytics
October 26, 2017 | 12:00pm - 1:00pm CT

The aggregation of data is an often assumed part of the analytic process. Proper aggregation of data requires a clear definition of concepts, the purpose of the aggregation and the parameters that drive inclusion or exclusion of data elements. Aggregation of data relative to disease concepts must be based on a shared understanding of the medical focus, and a consensus on what should or should not be included. This requires medical knowledge and transparency of process to all potential information users. Without clarity of how data was aggregated, analysis cannot result in values that are meaningful and consistent to those who may take actions to improve healthcare outcomes, minimize patient clinical and financial risk and improve the quality of the patient healthcare experience. This presentation will shed a light on the challenges, requirements and opportunities for data aggregation that can provide the quality information needed to guide meaningful action to improve healthcare delivery.

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