TIGER International Informatics Competency Synthesis Project

The TIGER International Committee, chaired by Dr. Ursula Hübner, Professor of Medical and Health Informatics at the University of Osnabruck Applied Sciences in Germany and represented by 20 countries with 30 members/liaisons, is in the process of completing an innovative competency synthesis project that highlights recommended core global informatics competencies.

In 2015, the Committee began comprehensive activities to compile recommended core international informatics competencies reflective of many countries, scientific societies, and research projects. This endeavor is comprised of three components:

  1. Compilation of international case studies submitted by Committee members from Australia, Finland, Germany (inclusive of Austria and Switzerland), Ireland, New Zealand, the Philippines, and Portugal that reflect specific country competencies based on country requirements, curriculum, and education.
  2. Deployment of a survey to evaluate and prioritize a broad list of core competencies on November 23, 2015. Based on the results of this survey, TIGER will identify the core informatics competencies of health care professionals in the five domains: 1) nursing management 2) IT management in nursing (e.g. nurse informatics officer) 3) quality management 4) interprofessional coordination of care 5) clinical nursing.
  3. And lastly, create a competency harmonization matrix that outlines shared and country specific competencies (including the United States) to provide guidance to the TIGER community.

The Committee is taking a unique approach with this project as it’s the first to collect various competencies across countries to identify global commonalities and differences. Finally, harmonization will help determine how the Committee moves forward in the future. Stay tuned for progress updates and new country case studies!

View the press release on the Competency Synthesis Project

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