ICD-10 Implementation

The implementation section provides information on systems remediation plan development, ICD-10 testing both internally and externally, software tools, how to select vendor partners, staff training plan, change management, communications and education plan as well as the Go Live plan. Finally this section includes guidance on documentation, coding and business analytics.

Implementation Costs

  • The Cost of Implementing ICD-10 for Physician Practices – Updating the 2008 Nachimson Advisors Study Feb 2014
    The American Medical Association funded a study written by Nachimson Advisors addressing updates to a 2008 report on the cost of implementing ICD-10 for physician practices. The 2008 study included estimates based on assumptions that had not yet been tested. Since then the industry has had an opportunity to begin testing. This latest report incorporates knowledge gained since the original report was written, incorporating experience gained from early testing activities.


Selecting Vendor/ Consulting Partners

Training Plan

Documentation, Coding & Business Analytics

Software Tools