Change Management

The HIMSS Change Management Task Force provides a Technology Adoption Change Management Framework, including components necessary to move an organization from present state through HIT implementation transition, to a transformed state post implementation. The framework provides lists and specific integrated Project Management & Change Management activities, along with corresponding tools.

Vision, Leadership & Strategy

Change Management Planning

  • Aug 2011 Stakeholder Survey This document outlines how to take your organization’s pulse and look at your stakeholder survey and see if it tells you a story
  • Aug 2011 Wish List This exercise tool requires answers with the first thing that comes to mind to a list of questions.
  • Aug 2011 Ambivalence Profile This exercise tool allows you to review your stakeholder survey and think about the varied ways in which ambivalence about an EHR might be experienced - and expressed – by key stakeholders.
  • Aug 2011 Organizational Trust This document outlines questions for yourself and other stakeholders in your practice. If you are the most senior person in your practice, replace the word "supervisor" with "employees."
  • Aug 2011 Change Management Methodologies This document provides a number of methodologies to drive repeatable process and communication
  • Aug 2011 Change Management Policy This document outlines how to develop a standard process for implementing changes into the production environment that meets the needs of: communication, education, efficiencies, compliance and control.
  • Aug 2011 Facility Readiness Round-up The “Readiness Round-Up” is an effective tool for disseminating information to your support staff prior to Go-Live. The “Round-Up” is a time for your support team to meet and discuss the processes specific to the facility that is preparing for activation.
  • Aug 2011 Solution Sessions This document outlines a time-compressed strategy session that brings all the parties involved in a problem together to explore, design and craft a solution in one setting.
  • Aug 2011 Solutions Sessions-think through questions This documents outlines solution sessions think-thru questions that connect the dots to success.
  • Jun 2011 Change Management Meaningful Use Planning Tool This tool for organization's use brings greater awareness to the breadth and depth of the impact each of the Meaningful Use criterion can have on staff at your organization and where best to focus your Change Management efforts.
  • Jun 2010 Aligning Process Redesign and Change Management with Project Management
  • Dec 2009 Change
  • Dec 2009 Change 3 Things
  • Dec 2009 Change Within
  • Dec 2009 Change and Team
  • Dec 2009 Great Better Team Tools
  • Dec 2009 Manager Questions
  • Dec 2009 Sticky Wall

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