HIMSS Value Score

The HIMSS Value Score is a HIT utilization analysis service that allows healthcare provider organizations to measure and manage their strategic decisions regarding the return on their health IT investments, implementations and usage in the pursuit of increased operational productivity and higher quality clinical outcomes at the unit, department, and enterprise level.

HIMSS Value STEPS™ Score

Whether benchmarking a unit, department, or an entire enterprise, the HIMSS Value Score measures your organization’s progress in gaining the most benefits from your health IT investments and identifies opportunities for improvement in accordance with five key categories through the Value STEPS value optimization framework: Satisfaction, Treatment/Clinical, Electronic Secure Data, Patient Engagement and Population Management, and Savings.


For C-Suite and Senior Executives 

  • Track and report progress to key stakeholders on your organization’s efforts to maximize health IT operational and clinical benefits.
  • Build value-focused strategies for future health IT investments.
  • Focus resources more efficiently on population health management and emerging value-based payment models.
  • Assess the gaps and identify opportunities in your value optimization strategies.

For Clinicians 

  • Establish a value benchmark against which you can measure your organizational and clinical benefits.
  • Strengthen your business while improving the relationship with your patient population.

For Federal/State/Local Public Health Facilities 

  • Demonstrate how publicly funded healthcare organizations have optimized value to achieve the triple aim of improving population health, enhancing the patient experience, and reducing the per capita cost of health care.

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The HIMSS Health IT Value Suite

The HIMSS Health IT Value Suite provides a structure, vocabulary and set of actionable resources for your enterprise to leverage when planning and implementing strategies aimed to increase the value of health IT capital and process investments. The suite highlights hundreds of examples of hospitals, physician practices, communities and accountable care organizations that have realized the full value of health IT. This suite links to original sources, including many detailed case studies that reveal strategy, tactics and measures used to document value in five categories.

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The STEPS to Value Podcast

What defines health IT value? What actions drive its realization? In an age of boundless innovation and constrained budgets, optimizing the use of technology to realize clinical and operational benefits is a bottom-line necessity in both local and global markets. The HIMSS podcast series, STEPS to Value, highlights the stories of thought leaders who have successfully managed technology, organizational culture and policy to develop innovative processes that maximize the value of their technology investments.

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