Value Suite STEPS

The HIMSS Health IT Value Suite

The HIMSS Health IT Value Suite provides both a structure and vocabulary with which your enterprise can organize its value strategy . The suite highlights hundreds of examples of hospitals, physician practices, communities and accountable care organizations that have realized the full value of Health IT. Resources include many detailed case studies that reveal strategy, tactics and the measures used to document value.

Value Steps

The HIMSS STEPS™ value optimization framework provides an easily understood vocabulary for stakeholders to take advantage of when formulating their value strategies. The STEPS™ model is built around five categories: Satisfaction, Treatment/Clinical, Electronic Secure Data, Patient Engagement & Population Management, and Savings.

Meaningful Use Fact Finder

The Meaningful Use Fact Finder section delivers easily accessible information on Meaningful Use measures and reporting timelines. This section of the suite illustrates how the components of Meaningful Use lay the technical foundation for organizations that seek high levels of realized value which benefits patient and organizational stakeholders.

HIMSS Value Score

The HIMSS Value Score is a HIT utilization analysis service that allows healthcare provider organizations to measure and manage their strategic decisions regarding the return on their health IT investments, implementations and usage in the pursuit of increased operational productivity and higher quality clinical outcomes at the unit, department, and enterprise level.

Ready to Get Your Value Score?
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Pathways to Value

One way to begin your value journey is with the Pathways to Value section of the suite. This is a free collection of action plans focused on key areas with high potential for value realization: Clinical Decision Support (CDS); Remote Monitoring; Clinical Business Analysis; Information Exchange for Care Coordination; and Patient Safety.

ACO Navigator

Take the first steps toward having the health IT infrastructure necessary to optimally support healthcare transformation. This ACO Navigator section of the suite is designed as a starting point for provider groups, payers, consultants and developers to assess, compliment or fill in the gaps of health IT capabilities in an organization’s pursuit of accountable care.