What Is Meant by "View" for Meaningful Use Stage 2 Core Measure #7/Patient Engagement?

Mary_Griskewicz_Headshot_August 2010

    Mary P. Griskewicz, M.S., FHIMSS
   Senior Director Healthcare Information Systems, HIMSS
   Twitter: @mgriskewicz

Q. Must Eligible Professionals (EPs) provide patients the ability to “view” their information under the Meaningful Use Stage 2 rule?
Yes, more than 5% of all unique patients seen by the EP (or an authorized representative) during the EHR reporting period must be able to view, download, or transmit their health information to a third party.
There are exclusions for EPs who:

  • Neither order nor create any of the information listed for inclusion as part of both measures, except for "Patient name" and "Provider's name and office contact information, may exclude both measures.
  • Conduct 50 percent or more of their patient encounters in a county that does not have 50 percent or more of its housing units with 3Mbps broadband availability according to the latest information available from the FCC on the first day of the EHR reporting period may exclude only the second measure.

Note: In addition, EPs must also provide clinical summaries to patients or patient-authorized representatives within one business day for more than 50% of office visits.  

Q. What is the definition of the term “view”?
A. Per CMS, “view” means when the patient (or authorized representative) accesses their health information online.

These questions were posed during the HIMSS Virtual Briefing, “Increasing Patient Engagement during the EHR Adoption Process,” presented by Dr. Norma Lopez, DO, MMM, Family Physician and Chair of the HIMSS Ambulatory IS Committee (August 7, 2013).