2013 HIMSS / AVIA Innovation Survey Full Results

The 2013 Healthcare Provider Innovation Survey reveals details about hospitals and health systems and their appetite for innovation. Additionally, the results uncover factors tied to successful piloting/implementation for internally-generated innovations and/or externally-developed solutions.

The implications from this study reinforce the importance of building structure, efficiency and scale both within provider organizations and across organizations. Those who do will have the opportunity to deliver services in new ways, extend the populations they serve and ultimately enhance the value they deliver.

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Highlights from the survey include:

  • Cost reduction is the focal point of their innovation initiatives. Nearly two-thirds (65 percent) of respondents ranked this as their top innovation priority.
  • Chief Innovation Officers are not yet mainstream roles within hospitals and health systems. However, 64 percent of provider organizations with annual revenues of $5 billion+ reported having a Chief Innovation Officer.
  • Dedicated funding for innovation exists, but amounts remain modest and sources of funding are diverse. Nearly two-thirds (67 percent) of providers reported their annual innovation budgets to be under $2 million.
  • While the time horizon for expected returns varies greatly, respondents are exercising sound innovation management by supporting initiatives that generate returns across multiple time horizons.
  • Providers are making progress implementing innovative solutions specifically in areas of high importance. These include: population health management, patient follow-up, predictive analytics, clinical decision support and care coordination.
  • Significant risks of inefficiency and redundancy exist. Nearly two-thirds (65 percent) of respondents shared that communication amongst internal staff is the dominant source on information regarding healthcare innovation.
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