2014 HIMSS Analytics Cloud Survey Full Results

Cloud services have been touted as a viable approach to reduce operating expenses for healthcare organizations. Yet, engage in any conversation surrounding cloud services and the discussion invariably touches on concerns about the security of the hosted data.

Recognizing the growing number of healthcare organizations starting to use cloud services to host applications and data using a “software as a service” (SaaS) model, HIMSS Analytics wanted to understand the challenges, barriers and successes healthcare organizations may be having with cloud services.

This study was designed to address such questions, as well as detail the value healthcare organizations are getting from their currently implemented solutions and uncover ways in which healthcare organizations are planning to use cloud services in the future.

The majority of data in this study focuses on hospital-based organizations. However, respondents included information technology (IT) executives from medical practices, hospitals, and corporate offices of healthcare systems.

In addition, the sample population of healthcare organizations not presently using cloud services is small. As such, the data should be considered as informational and not necessarily representative of the industry as a whole and should be used to promote conversation.