2014 HIMSS Workforce Survey

Information technology (IT) professionals (such as help desk, project management or implementation specialists) are without a doubt critical to the success of the health IT industry. Indeed, the successes and failures of IT implementations in many hospitals for example, can be directly tied to IT workforce issues. Yet, evidence from HIMSS Analytics suggests the unprecedented growth the health IT industry has experienced during the last two decades, is starting to slow.

Recognizing the implications this changing market has for IT professionals, HIMSS commissioned HIMSS Analytics in 2013 to benchmark and track the IT staff hiring practices among healthcare providers, industry vendors and consultants. This year’s report is the second installment of the annual HIMSS Workforce Survey.

As in last year’s study, this year’s report covers a number of topics critical to organizations involved in the hiring of health IT professionals to include staffing experiences during the past year, as well as hiring plans for the coming year. It also tracks the type of candidates employers are seeking, how employees are being recruited and retained, and the challenges of managing a fully staffed health IT operation.

We are pleased to once again present this important study to the market to provide context around current and projected IT hiring practices. We are confident the insights contained within will be beneficial to those who are involved in some way in hiring IT workers.