In response to a rise in cybersecurity breaches that continue to put patient data at risk, HIMSS introduced an annual research program to assess these experiences in healthcare organizations across the nation.

The 2017 HIMSS Cybersecurity Survey focuses on 126 responses between April and Mid-May 2017, and yielded a few notable themes which include the following:

  • Healthcare organizations with information security professionals on staff are taking steps to enhance their cybersecurity programs.
  • Healthcare organizations with a chief information security officer or other senior information security leader have adopted holistic cybersecurity practices and perspectives in critical areas.
  • Information security professionals at acute care providers have more specific concerns about cybersecurity, compared to their non-acute care provider counterparts.

These findings are meant to serve as a “directionally correct” perception of varied providers regarding cybersecurity issues in their organizations and are intended to be instructive.

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