5 Steps to Improve Clinical Communication Using Enterprise Smartphone Solutions (PatientSafe Solutions)

Flexible communication systems. Integration of clinical data to give secure messaging context. One location for all incoming alerts and notifications. Patient-centric platform to engage the entire care team. Ability to close the loop quickly on care delivery issues. This is the future state of clinical communications.

Read an Excerpt: 

The evaluation process for clinical technology has matured significantly in the US healthcare market over the past decade. Most health systems are accustomed to developing cross-functional committees, setting evaluation criteria and engaging with the vendor community. Clinical Communication strategy development requires this same strategic approach, as workflow changes will affect nearly every frontline caregiver – physicians, nurses and all other allied clinical professionals. This whitepaper proposes a five-step framework for developing an enterprise smartphone strategy that will ensure improved patient safety, reduced cost of care and higher caregiver satisfaction.

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