Chief Information Officer
Imprivata, Inc.
Lexington, Massachusetts

Aaron Miri strongly believes health information technology is the catalyst for the next generation of healthcare delivery with HIMSS as the defining industry voice that transforms the entire continuum of care.  He has championed HIMSS causes at each of the hospitals and healthcare organizations where he has worked.  He is deeply committed to the HIMSS mission to bring communities of care, including providers, payers, government and innovators, together globally around the shared goal of reducing healthcare delivery costs while simultaneously enhancing outcomes. Mr. Miri envisions a healthcare environment that enables the clinician to intervene with pre-emptive medications delivered directly to the patient, based upon intelligent indicators and devices that are continuously and securely monitoring.

He has served on various boards of directors, as both a voting and non-voting member of:

  • Audit and Finance Committee and  Clinical and IT Committee at Walnut Hill Medical Center;
  • Audit Committee at Children’s Medical Center Dallas; and
  • both the Duncanville Rotary Club and Natick Information Systems Advisory Boards. 

Additional experience includes being the previous Chair of the HIMSS Public Policy Committee, Privacy and Security representative of the Health IT Policy Committee, as well as responsibilities in clinical technology integration, mergers and acquisitions, development of behavioral health and school-based telemedicine in his role as CIO of Walnut Hill Medical Center, and CTO of Children’s Medical Center of Dallas. Mr. Miri held a variety of roles at Cook Children's Medical Center and Methodist Health System with exposure to clinical technology integration, mergers and acquisitions, development of behavioral health and school based telemedicine, among other experiences. In his current role as the CIO of Imprivata, Mr. Miri is entrusted with keeping the Imprivata global team operational and fully secure. His is committed towards supporting the Imprivata team, and their almost 2000 global healthcare customers, in driving the implementation and utilization of security technologies optimized for the clinicial and patient care experience.

Aaron Miri engages leaders to advance improved processes, strategic technological thinking, and user-friendly IT initiatives. To accomplish these goals, he works with these healthcare executives to interpret the needs of care providers when designing and implementing technologies.  He also cultivates strategic partnerships with the right health IT companies to empower the health IT ecosystem and the health IT leaders within them.