Administrative Simplification for Patients

Assure that care system is easy to navigate and all patient billing is accurate, timely, and understandable.
  • Incorporate a Master Patient Index such that every patient in organization has one identifying number
  • Reuse existing administrative and demographic data for each new encounter within the organization
  • Online and mobile access to pre-populated pre-encounter data forms for verification purposes
  • Online and mobile access to scheduling information (including referrals and procedures)
  • Ability for patients to schedule primary care (or with physician of record) using online and using mobile devices
  • Online and mobile access to prescription refills
  • Appropriately format and repurpose historical data as appropriate for work, school or camp physicals
  • Accurate, up to date billing information and patient invoices in patient oriented language
  • Access to reliable and timely insurance information
  • Access to out-of-pocket costs for various care services
  • Access to online and mobile forms and applications as appropriate.