Alpenglow Medical, PLLC - Davies Ambulatory Award

Alpenglow was started as a solo practice in 1999, but added a second physician in April 2004. The current clinical staff consists of 2 physicians and 1 medical assistant, and in 2005 this staff provided care in about 10,000 patient encounters. The office performs the following services: routine adult preventive care, acute care, EKGs, stress testing, phlebotomy, cryoablation and skin lesion removal.

The goal of Alpenglow is to deliver efficient, quality healthcare with no patient waiting time and 100% patient satisfaction. The electronic health record (EHR) is an important component to achieving the goal.

Read an Excerpt: 

Alpenglow was designed to use an EHR from the day it opened, and therefore did not transition from a  previous paper­based practice.  However, every staff member present when the practice opened was very involved with the implementation, and continuous functionality updating and efficiency improvement remains the responsibility of all staff.  The practice opened with Dr. Griffin, an MA and an office manager,  and has expanded to the staffing described in Section A.  All staff is required to participate in updated training on the system as needed.  There is no need for a formal plan around maintaining, updating, and improving the system due to the small size of the staff and the culture of open communication.  It is made very clear, however, that all have a responsibility to contribute to the process of continuous improvement.