Ambulatory EMR Adoption

EMR Adoption and ARRA

With the passage of the Economic Stimulus package now is the time to learn about how your practice and patience can benefit from an EMR/EHR system. Looking for more information on the EMR and how to select the right technology?

Three EMR Brochures from HIMSS for Medical Professionals

To learn more about ARRA, visit HIMSS' "Economic Stimulus for the Healthcare IT Industry," a section devoted to multiple areas of health IT affected by The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009.

The Nicholas E. Davies EHR Recognition Program

Dr. Nicholas E. Davies was an Atlanta-based practice physician committed to the ideal of improving patient care through better health information management. He was a member of the Institute of Medicine patient record study committee, which coined the term "computer-based patient record."


The Nicholas E. Davies EHR Recognition Program, sponsored by HIMSS, encourages and recognizes excellence in the implementation of EHR systems. The program recognizes healthcare provider organizations that successfully use EHR systems to improve healthcare delivery. The program's objectives are to:

  • Promote the vision of EHR systems through concrete examples;
  • Understand and share documented value of EHR systems;
  • Provide visibility and recognition for high-impact EHR system; and Share successful EHR implementation strategies.was chairperson-elect of the American College of Physicians. In April 1991, he was tragically killed in a plane crash with Senator John G. Tower (Rep.) of Texas. His ideals live on in the Davies Award of Excellence.

Understanding the Electronic Medical Record

Thinking about implementing the electronic medical record (EMR) in a private medical practice? Looking for more information on the EMR and how to select the right technology? Learn more.