Ask the Expert: Patient Engagement - The "New" End Game

David Muntz is Senior Vice President and CIO at GetWellNetwork. In this role, David advises health care organizations on defining and implementing a flexible patient engagement strategy that uses information technology to achieve optimal outcomes in a cost-effective manner for the benefit of all participants. Prior to joining GetWellNetwork, David was appointed by the White House to serve as the first Principal Deputy Director of the ONC. During his tenure he created the Office of Consumer e-Health and the Office of the Chief Medical Officer.

David earned his MBA from Cox School of Business at Southern Methodist University and he holds an A.B. in Premedicine from Columbia University in the City of New York. Learn more about David

A: The role of the patient and family has become increasingly important.  We can successfully install the new EHRs and associated products, but without true patient engagement, without a new effective partner relationship, we as individuals and as a nation will not get the complete potential value available to us.  Patients must become activated.  The best way to do that in both the existing and evolving models of care is to use information technology to hardwire processes and to perform analytics which will be crucial to affirming existing evidence as well as discovering patterns that we didn’t see without the new tools. 


A: We have seen hundreds of examples of improvements across our 200 client sites.  The outcomes measures that help determine success are very favorable.  There are many examples of double digit percentage improvements in HCAHPS scores and operations and efficiency and up to 99 percent improvements in safety and quality.  These kinds of improvements are critical not just to ACOs, but to all models of payment.  Patient engagement contributes mightily to the necessary transformation in our industry.

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