Best CDI Technology Improves Physician Documentation, Coding Accuracy, and Revenue Cycle Operations at UPMC

This case study demonstrates the Organizational Support Pathway with fundamentals that include:

  • Don’t take shortcuts when it comes to data management, but do prioritize
  • Choose your first analytics opportunity wisely
  • Get buy-in across cross-functional teams, train power users, and align incentives
  • Have clear goals for business benefits to be derived from analytic efforts
  • Choose the right technology for the job; choose partner vendors that meet needs today and have a strong road map

Aspects of Optimizing the Organization Support Pathway are:

  • Recognize & Reward
    • Get buy-in
    • Clear business goals
  • Blend Culture
    • Prioritize
    • Choose wisely
    • Right partnership

Other pathway factors that apply: Collaboration Pathway.

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