Best Practices for Population Health: Geisinger Health Plan

Janet Tomcavage, Chief Administrative Officer, Geisinger Health Plan, discusses population health and Caradigm Care Management from her experience in the development of innovative models, including the nationally recognized ProvenHealth Navigator® model.

Geisinger Health Plan developed the Proven Health Navigator program with a focus on driving metrics to achieve improvements in patient experience, quality outcomes, and efficiency outcomes.

The Proven Health Navigator goals correlate directly to the key value proposition of the Caradigm product investments:

  • Improve patient experience and health status
  • Improve quality and efficiency across the entire spectrum of care
  • Transform primary care from transaction to value focus
  • Provide meaningful coordination across all of Health Care

More information on Geisinger Health Plan:

  • Pioneers in incentive-based wellness programs
  • Consistently ranked as a top plan by NCQA in a variety of categories; ranked 12th nationwide overall for 2012 (of 538 total private plans)
  • Beacon Community Grant Recipient (KeyHIE); Caradigm HIE customer
  • Diverse health plan services; 300,000+ members in 44 counties across 5 states; 35% increase in projected enrollment in 2013.

During this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How data can be used strategically to transform care
  • Examples of proven models for managing care and populations
  • Goals and solutions for Accountable Care