Big Data, Big Health

What does Big Data mean for healthcare? What are its possibilities, now and in the future? When will you begin to see its benefits? Ultimately, healthcare organizations will use Big Data to achieve better patient care.

Once hospitals have implemented electronic health records and health information exchange to aggregate and share comprehensive patient records, the optimal use of Big Data can begin. Early uses will help avoid readmissions and adverse events, such as those due to a lack of awareness of pre-existing conditions, or negative drug interactions. As more information is aggregated into the patient record, including from online medical devices in the home, innovative clinical decision support and predictive analytics will emerge. To leverage this volume of data, Big Data technology and techniques will be essential.

During this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • What Big Data means in healthcare
  • What the future holds for individualized care based on genomics and biological system modeling
  • How patients benefit from the evolution of technology inside and outside of healthcare