Guiding Principles for Big Data in Nursing: Using Big Data to Improve the Quality of Care and Outcomes

The "Guiding Principles for Big Data in Nursing" paper represents a welcome opportunity for nurses to lead and diffuse collaborative health IT efforts to improve health and health care quality, safety, and communication among all members of the care team while decreasing costs and increasing value.

Stemming from the HIMSS CNO-CNIO Vendor Roundtable, the Big Data Principles Workgroup developed the paper “Guiding Principles for Big Data in Nursing”  which identifies big data guiding principles; explores barriers and challenges; develops a framework for universal requirements; identifies differences in the context of nursing outcomes; addresses the impact of health IT system versions/ configurations; analyzes the variation in quality measures; and discusses implementation challenges.

This paper also provides the foundation for future discussions with the broader nursing community including nurse executives in hospitals, healthcare systems and other key stakeholder groups to explore and advance shared objectives.

"Guiding Principles for Big Data in Nursing" White Paper

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"Guiding Principles for Big Data in Nursing" Executive Summary provides a synposis of key recommendations stemming from the white paper. These recommendations include:

  • Promote Standards and Interoperability
  • Advance Quality eMeasures
  • Leverage Nursing Informatics Experts

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Top 10 recommendations from "Guiding Principles for Big Data in Nursing," which includes recommendations to promote standards & interoperability, advance quality e-measures and leverage nursing informatics experts.

Download Guiding Principles for Big Data in Nursing - Top 10 Recommendations

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