Booz Allen Hamilton: Health IT Enabled Quaility Measurement: Perspective, Pathways, and Practical Guidance

Improving the quality of care is a top priority for the United States’ (U.S.) health care system. Accordingly, there are a myriad of efforts underway to improve quality through both payment and health care delivery reform. Both health IT and quality measurement factor strongly into a reformed health care delivery and financing system. This report examines the intersection of health IT and quality measurement, reflecting the expectation that health IT-enabled quality measurement can accelerate quality improvement. Stakeholders suggest that cycle times for quality improvement can be reduced, as meaningful, actionable information becomes available to decisionmakers (e.g., patients, families, and clinicians) in real or near real-time for care management. System-wide information could also be available for payers, providers, and purveyors of public health through the accurate and efficient use of technology. This concept is referred to as "eImprovement" in this report.

Quailty Measurement, Health IT-Enabled Quality, patient safety